First and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for considering engaging Dr Yoong as your private obstetrician.

You will have round the clock access to Dr Yoong as his private obstetrics client with the support of the friendly and caring midwifery staff in the hospital of your choice. In the rare event of him unable to attend to your delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr Yoong will be backed up by another specialist obstetrician who have similar style of practice.

Having Dr Yoong as your obstetrician means you have the ample opportunity to ask questions and be given information about your pregnancy and labour. Dr Yoong believes in clients making informed decision about the choices they made for their pregnancies and the mode of delivery.  Printouts and website links are given to enable you to gather more information that has already been discussed during the consultation.

With his tertiary hospital appointment in Liverpool, Dr Yoong is able to look after those obstetrics clients at risk of preterm delivery through multidisciplinary team care with the subspecialty Feto-Maternal Medicine and Neonatology colleagues.  Dr Yoong has strong family value and between serving the public sector, running his private practice and spending precious time with his two young children, he limits the number of obstetrics clients in order to provide you with personalized care that you deserve.