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Suzie Oliveri (MIDWIFE)


I was a registered as a nurse in 1991 after training at UWS at Milperra. I then attended the same university and qualified as a midwife in 1995 at Liverpool Hospital. I
have worked in all areas of Maternity and have extensive knowledge and experience in pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. I currently work as a midwife providing antenatal care with a private obstetrician in Liverpool as well as in birthing suite in the local private hospital.

I am a mother of three beautiful daughters with firsthand experience of the importance of education in pregnancy to prepare for the birth and postnatal experience. I acknowledge that some couples benefit from one-on-one private antenatal education. I tailor content for each individual couple.

It is my belief that education empowers women and their partners to take the journey of childbirth and beyond to eliminate some of the fears they may have around this topic. I offer postnatal home visits between 1-6 weeks of age.