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Caring, professional and experienced, Dr Ming K Yoong has wide-ranging expertise in areas related to pregnancy and reproductive health.

Contact Dr Yoong to discuss your current or planned pregnancy, your fertility or your gynaecological concerns.



Dr Yoong has worked with hundreds of women and their families, providing thorough and sympathetic care throughout their pregnancies.

Family planning

If you are having trouble conceiving or want to find out how to optimise your chances of falling pregnant, book an appointment with Dr Yoong.

Pregnancy assessment and advice

Visit Dr Yoong to confirm your pregnancy and address any concerns you may have about the upcoming nine months.

‘Normal’ pregnancy management

Throughout your pregnancy, Dr Yoong will keep a close eye on your progress, share advice and answer your questions about your growing baby.

High risk pregnancies

Dr Yoong works closely with patients who are experiencing gestational diabetes, hypertension and other medical disorders.

Multiple pregnancies

Pregnant with twins or triplets? Dr Yoong relies on his expert knowledge and experience to manage your care during this time.

IVF pregnancies

While he is not an IVF specialist, Dr Yoong can work with you to investigate fertility issues before referring you to an IVF centre.

Caesarean section deliveries

Dr Yoong is qualified to deliver babies via c-section and can discuss with you the circumstances under which this would be necessary.

Vaginal deliveries

Dr Yoong has delivered hundreds of babies in Liverpool, Sydney Southwest Private and Westmead Private hospitals.

Cervical Cerclage

In rare cases, the cervix may shorten and open at the wrong stage of pregnancy, leading to extreme prematurity. This procedure can reinforce the cervix in this scenario.

Miscarriage investigation

Having more three or more consecutive losses is referred to as recurrent miscarriage. Dr Yoong is able to recommend tests to investigate underlying causes of these losses and discuss the results with you to help decide your next steps to maximise the chance of success in the next pregnancy.

Dilation & Curettage

In the event of a miscarriage, it may be recommended that you undergo a Dilation & Curettage (D&C). Dr Yoong is able to perform this procedure at short notice.



Consult an expert about your reproductive health, fertility and contraceptive options.

Abnormal Pap Smears

Dr Yoong will discuss your results and perform a colposcopy for you in the Liverpool clinic.

Infertility Investigation

If you are having trouble falling pregnant or are experiencing miscarriages, Dr Yoong can talk to you about determining the cause.

Menstrual Disorders

Talk to Dr Yoong about managing uncomfortable periods, including heavy and abnormal bleeding.

IUD consultations, insertion, removal and management (including Mirena/Implanon etc)

Intrauterine Devices are known to be effective in preventing pregnancy. Dr Yoong can explain what is involved, insert and remove your device.

Contraception advice

Talk to Dr Yoong about your options for contraception and which may be best for you.

Gynaecological procedures including:

  • Colposcopy
  • LLETZ/ cone biopsy of the cervix
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Tubal Ligation
  • Prolapse surgery
  • Hysterectomy, vaginal repair
  • Cervical cerclage insertion
  • Laparoscopy- ovarian cystectomy, ovarian tumour, endometriosis, myomectomy

Book your first consultation to discuss your pregnancy, your fertility concerns or your reproductive health by calling 02 9822 4553.